How to Make Smoothies With an Ice Blender

Now that you’ve decided to make smoothies at home, or if you’re a professional, you will need to know how to create smoothies with an LeMix’s Brand Smoothies Blender. This is an important thing to have if you are using your blender on a regular basis. It’s easy to mess up a good smoothie by using an ice cube instead of the ice you need. Here’s how to get it right.

The first thing you will need to do is start with eight ice cubes, which you will add into your blender. Once they are all in, use your blender to mix them into the ice and milk together.

Add four more ice cubes. And so on. You will be blending the ice cubes in a very slow way, and you should only mix one at a time, so that you don’t end up with too much ice, and then you may only have half the amount of smoothie you need to do. Just work your blender and follow the instructions from the manual.

Now, you need to mix in your fruit. You may want to start with bananas or strawberries, depending on what kind of smoothie you are making. If you are making a banana smoothie, then you will need to add about two bananas, or two bananas mashed up into a pulp, to get the right consistency. As far as mangoes go, you can use any kind, including water-melons, mangoes, pineapples, and guavas.

Once the fruit is mixed in well, you can move on to mixing in your ice. After you have gotten that down, you will be able to place your smoothie into a blender and blend until smooth.

Once you have blended the smoothie, you will need to add the ice cubes that were left over, which you will mix together with the ice that was already added. If you add too many ice cubes, it will take longer for the smoothie to blend, and that’s OK. Just add a little at a time. Just remember, keep mixing until the smoothie is smooth.

After you have added the banana and the other fruits, you can now take out the blender and turn it off. Next, mix the smoothie ingredients in your blender, using the different liquids, or liquids that you have included, instead of just using water. Try out different combinations to get the right combination of flavors.

Some recipes will require you to place the blender upside down over the ice. This makes it easier to mix. For a creamier smoothie, you can place the blender upside down so that the ice stays in contact with the ice cream blender, and not the outside.

Finish up with some ice and enjoy your smoothie. You can drink it right away or freeze it up and serve it cold.

A green smoothie may be too sweet for you, so there are green smoothie recipes that work well. With these, you need to blend the juice of a green apple, or you can just add it to the blender and blend. In either case, the green apple does not taste like fruit, but rather a very strong, thick, green drink. You will also need to add the blueberries in, so you can keep the berries fresh.

For a strawberry smoothie, you will need to add the blueberries and add the strawberries, along with the cinnamon stick, chocolate chips, and melted dark chocolate. This is a simple recipe that you can mix up and add any flavor you like, and the blueberries will add a great sweetness to the drink.